10 Best Affordable Closet Organization Ideas For 2020

10 Best Affordable Closet Organization Ideas For 2020

In this article, I’m going to share ten best affordable closet organization ideas that are game-changers for me. No matter what size your closet is these are all really affordable ways to maximize the space of your closet, drawers, dressers, anywhere that you can store clothes or accessories.

Shoe Stackers 

The first new closet organization product is these shoe stackers. These shoe stickers essentially doubled the amount of space you have to store your shoes. They can easily be adjusted for heights. You can fit pretty much fit any kind of shoe that you have from flats to gym shoes to high heels to ankle boots. I have a ton of ankle boots and I have them still in the shoe stackers. It not only doubles your space but also keeps it clean and organized and the best part is they are affordable. You do not have to buy the shoe stackers individually. They come in a set and they cost only twenty dollars.

Vacuum Storage Bags 

When you have to take out those heavy sweaters when it’s spring and summertime these vacuum storage bags come as a lifesaver. The bags are super easy to use, you place your items inside the bag till the marker line and seal it and then you use the travel pump to pump out all the air. Seriously, the bag deflates to about half its size after you’re done removing all of the air from it.

These vacuum storage bags are not only meant for the clothes you can also use it to put home items. So if you have a closet that’s stuffed with extra blankets, extra pillows, you could throw them into a vacuum storage bag, remove all the air and save half of the space. These work on all closets to provide you so much more storage and organization. Vacuum storage bags aren’t really a new thing. But I personally love these vacuum storage bags since they come with a travel pump, this means that you don’t actually need a vacuum to use a vacuum storage bag.  They are also very useful when you’re traveling and if you bring the travel pump you can save so much room in your suitcase.

Adjustable Hanging Rod 

If you desperately need more hanging space in your closet then these adjustable hanging rod is for you. This adjustable hanging rod can be used in a closet if you’re trying to create double space. It can also be used on a rolling rack. I personally like the adjustable hanging rod on my rolling rack because that way I can really organize seasonal items. So for spring, I can put out new jeans and shorts on the bottom, and then on the top, I can have all of the new tops for spring. 

The hanging rod is adjustable so whatever size your item is or whatever the particular types of items you were hanging up you can make it work for you. This adjustable hanging rod only costs thirteen dollars.

Plastic Hangers 

You can save so much hanging space on your rod in your closet by utilizing these plastic hangers. They make it so easy to store all the pieces together in one place while still freeing up so much room in your closet. I personally like to use this tool to store my basic things like black long-sleeved shirts, white long sleeve shirts, short-sleeved shirts, all those things that are very similar to each other I just put here so that they are stored together. So if I’m looking for one, I know where it is and they don’t take up so much room in my closet by just hanging basics. This is another product that you don’t have to buy individually. They sell these in a pack of ten for eleven to twelve dollars.

Hanger Stacker 

This next organization product really changed the game for me in my closet out of hangers everywhere. By the end of the week, there would just be like hangers in crazy places or if I was doing my laundry and I was trying to hang my clothes up and I couldn’t find hangers. I would get really frustrated. It would take so much more time and this hanger stacker fixed all those problems. This hanger stacker only cost eighteen dollars. I put it off to the side of my closet and this is where all of my hangers go. So if I have any extra hangers laying around or if I’m changing outfits, I take the hanger off of a shirt, I put them into the hanger stacker. They all stay in one place. So this way, if I’m putting clothes away doing laundry or just to hang something, I always know where the hangers are. It just looks so clean and organized.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get one of these. I feel like I’ve never seen one of these out in a store. You think it’s so simple that it wouldn’t really make your closet feel that much more organized, but it really does. My hanger stacker looks so clean and organized because I’m using all of the same types of hanger for all of my clothes. So it keeps the hangers looking nice and aesthetically pleasing even when they’re displayed out.

Velvet Hangers 

I personally have been using velvet hangers for years. They really free up space in your closet compared to those mismatched hangers which take up a ton of space in your closet. Hanging space is so valuable, I’m not about to lose it to a bulky hanger. So making the switch to velvet hangers really free up that hanging space as well as gives you that more clean and organized look.

Drawer Divider 

Drawer dividers really make such a difference in keeping your drawers organized. If you have a dresser or just any doors in your closet, you know, it can become a disaster really quick. These drawer divider bins come in sets with different sizes so you can really customize as per your drawer needs. Drawer dividers really keep your drawers so organized, so neat, and you can easily find whatever you’re looking for in a couple of seconds.

You can set it once and it stays organized. For example, I use these drawer dividers to help me organize all my socks in one drawer. They are foldable, so you’re not using them or if you come up with the perfect stored solution for your drawer and have some extra, you can fold them right up and store them until you need them again. A pack of these foldable drawer dividers costs eleven dollars.

Mesh Straw Organizer    

This mesh straw organizer steps up the organization game even further by making it so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. These mesh door dividers are perfect for things like bras, underwear, socks, those little things that can easily get lost and mixed together. This way they all have a place and you can see all of them and know exactly where everything is. These mesh organizers only cost twelve dollars and they make your drawer look clean and organized.

Adjustable Dividers

I like to use these adjustable dividers in my drawers when I need to separate things into two or three categories. These drawer dividers work really well. They’re not flimsy and I put them in place and they don’t fall over. I don’t constantly have to adjust them. I am using these dividers for quite some time and I really like this store dividers.

Five Bar Hanger 

This hanger with five bars really gives you so much more space than a traditional hanger. I think this was sold as a pants organizer. So in case you want to hang up pants in your closet like five pairs of jeans on this, you could do that. I like to use it to organize my scarf. So this way I can just have them hanging in my closet and whenever I’m getting dressed, I can click, pull it out and grab the scarf that I want for that day. One of these hangars costs nine dollars or you can buy them insets in case you want more. 

Those were the 10 closet organizations’ ideas for you to try it at your home.

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