10 Quick & Simple DIY WaysTo Refresh Your Home In 2020

10 Quick & Simple DIY WaysTo Refresh Your Home In 2020

Add a Statement Piece

So the first thing that I would recommend is adding a statement piece. This is an easier way to spice up space by only adding one item. So the thing that I love as a statement piece lately is pampas grass. I have added them to a floor base and they just add a nice pop next to a plain dresser. So it’s a good option to add in if you just want to spice up a room or just make a little piece of furniture like that look less boring. I would definitely pick up some of this pampas grass.

Statement Artwork

The next thing that I would recommend doing is adding in statement artwork or going in and switching out the current artwork that you have for something more of like a statement piece. It is again an easy and simple way where you’re only changing one thing and that will make such a difference to your home. 

Switch Your Hardware

Switching your hardware is the perfect option if you don’t want to do an entire renovation on your home. You can do this in your bathroom, in your kitchen. You can really customize it to be whatever style you want. I went for a little bit more modern, but if you guys want something a little bit more farmhouse, you can find the hardware that suits your personal taste and style. If you’re in a rental, be sure you keep this in a safe place because you will have to put it back when you move.

Setting a New Bedding

Getting new bedding is an amazing way to spice up your room. It is just really important to have good quality bedding because when you’re sleeping, you want to have a good night’s sleep and be extra comfortable. I purchase all my bedding needs at Parachute Home.

The bedding I have in particular is the linen sheet set and mine is in the shade bone. I also have the matching duvet and pillowcases. Another thing I love about Parachute Home is that they don’t use any harmful chemicals or synthetic softeners in their bedding.

They also have so many great options that would make amazing gifts. These are things that you know that the people you give them to are going to use them and love them. So head on over to parachute home and they also provide free shipping on all U.S. orders.

Clean Rug

A great way to refresh your home is to either get your current rug cleaned or you can simply switch out your rug for a new one, whichever one makes you feel more comfortable. I personally love the rug that I currently have. It’s a vintage piece and it does have some floors on it. But recently I went ahead and got it deep cleaned and it made such a difference.

I thought that it was a vintage rug so all the stains in it were permanent and that actually wasn’t the case. This is also a great way to clean the current rug that you have. If you have a lighter rug that may have some stains in it alll you have to do is simply switch it out or get it cleaned and you’re good to go. 


Decluttering your old things can make such a huge difference. You’re not adding or spending any money on your home, but you can make the biggest difference. Trust me. I recently decided to donate a few things. It’s also a really great way to give back to someone who might not have the means to have things in their home as you do.

So I would recommend donating and decluttering, even if you’re just getting rid of one item that you don’t really need in your home. It can free up some extra space and just make things look a lot better. 

Moving The Furniture

If you’re looking to do a huge transformation and really refresh your space, all within a budget then all you have to do is move your current furniture around. Simply rearranging or moving things into your living room and bedroom can make a huge difference. 

It’ll make you feel like you just have like a newly remodeled space. All this can be done without spending a dime.

Upcycle Your Furniture

If you’re looking to keep the current furniture that you have in your home, but you just want to spice them up a little bit, upcycling them is a great way to do so. 

It is also great to just fix something that’s broken and add a quick layer of spray paint even with just those two minor changes. I was able to spice up a few pieces. All it takes me some time to do this and more importantly I don’t have to spend much money on it.

Painting The Walls

Painting your walls is a great example of a quick refresh of your home. You can probably get this project done in a day or two. I personally think you can make your home look really refreshed if you would paint the walls all white. But that’s probably just personal preference. 

I did get a quick layer of whatever paint is already currently on your walls and patching up any holes will make a big difference or you could even create a fun colored accent wall in your home to just to add a nice pop. 

Add Greenery

You can also add in greenery. Whether it’s faux or real, it’s up to you. But this is another great way to add a pop of color if you’re someone like me who doesn’t really like to decorate with color.

I like to bring in some greenery just to take away from everything being so stark and white. But it also is a great way to refresh your home because as we know, if you get real plants, they will help out with the oxygen and freshness of the air in your home. 

Home Scent

Adding a new home scent is always fun and a great way to just refresh your space. You might be used to smelling the same candle or the same essential oils. So here I just found a new combination that I’ve been loving to put into my oil diffuser and this is a great way to just kind of switch things up. You’ll come home and smell something a little bit different, which is always a nice change. 

I hope you guys enjoyed those 11 tips. Don’t forget to share and pin this post If you haven’t already. 

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