10 Small Space Storage Tips & Hacks

Hi, everyone, in this article I am going to share with you some best tips and ideas to organize your home. I just wanted to start by saying these aren’t just a random set of ideas  I’ve Googled on Pinterest or a bunch of things I bought on Amazon yesterday. These are actual ways I have organized my home over the years and specific ways I have made the most of small space organization. 

Shoe rack Organizer

Starting off, I have a shoe rack organizer that I purchased from Amazon. Now, not only is this handy rack, great for keeping shoes organized, but it’s also been a storage lifesaver for my bathroom.  It has no under sink cupboard space or storage. They fit perfectly and hold all the bathroom essentials like towels, hot hair tools, toilet paper, and bathroom cleaning products. I have one in each bathroom and this was an inexpensive way to solve my bathroom storage problem.

I’ve also used one of these shoe racks at the end of my kitchen bench to store frequently used appliances like the Kettle Toaster and my Bullet Blender. It effectively doubles the counter space, which is especially important when you have a small kitchen space with limited storage. It also makes a fantastic plan rack both indoors and undercover outdoors.

Bamboo Drawer Organizer 

Moving back into the bathroom with the only built-in storage is a mirrored cabinet above the vanity. While these cabinets are pretty spacious, they only have one shelf, meaning there was so much wasted space. I use bamboo drawer organizers stacked sideways, secured with double-sided tape to quadruple this shelf space for super affordable and renter-friendly storage solutions.

In the second bathroom, I used a section wall shelf I already had fixed to the cabinet with command strips. So again, renter-friendly and maximize the storage space available. Now there is a space for everything and everything is neatly in its space.

Book End Clothes Holder Hack

I picked up this set of plain metal black bookends from ken for the bargain price of three dollars and yes, they are great for their intended purpose of holding your books together. But I actually bought mine to keep my Konmari folded clothes stacked neatly when my drawers are less than full. I know that this Konmari folding method is supposed to keep clothes standing upright on their own. But I can’t quite seem to make them stay straight without falling over. 

After I’ve used one or two items of clothes, the book can slide in and they just make it so easy to keep tee shirts and folded clothes looking neat and organized all the time, not just on laundry day. These bookends also make great mini message boards that I use in my office desk as they are metal. You can use a magnet and keep receipts to-do lists or messages on your desk without needing a pinboard or sticking things to your wall. They are cute, affordable, and super practical.

Utensil Organizer

Home organization idea number four is a great tip for small kitchens for those who love to cook. I didn’t have enough drawer space to dedicate to spices and the cupboards are so narrow in my kitchen they are not suitable for the traditional spice rack shelves. So I utilize the empty space above my microwave with an inexpensive utensil organizing tray.

I got this from Amazon to hold all my spice jars, which are super easy to pull out when cooking, use whatever I need, then put away neatly without taking up the counter or cupboard space.

Magazine File Keeper 

It’s in this same area where I used to keep my cutting boards. I’ve used a plastic magazine file to keep all my cutting boards together and easily accessible without the file holder. The smaller boards tend to slip to the back of the space, making them a pain to reach for. I actually relocated all of my cutting boards and now this is where I store my coffee machine and milk frother. But this is still a great storage idea for keeping all your cutting boards neatly organized and in the one place.

Lazy Susans 

My next favorite organizing idea is to use lazy Susans, and I use these pretty much everywhere under the sink for cleaning products, in the fridge for condiments, and in my higher cupboards for oils and vinegar. Honestly, the uses for lazy Susans are endless, and I find new uses for mine all the time.

Bamboo Bath Mat Hack

The next organization idea is in the laundry, where, again, I have limited counter space, the laundry sink can be converted into a countertop with a cheap bamboo bath mat, which I also bought from Amazon. Now I can keep all the laundry essentials at arm’s reach without having to bend over into the under-sink cupboard space whenever I need to wash a load of laundry.

Command Strip Hack 

My next organizing idea is especially suited for anyone renting their home who can’t just drill holes in the walls. I use my stick vacuum daily, but I didn’t think I could mount the charging station as I’m currently renting. It was so frustrating to have the charger packed up and have to pull it out every time I needed to recharge the vacuum. The back of the mounting plate was not a flat surface, so you can’t fix the command strips directly to it.

So I screwed the mounting plate to a leftover piece of wood and used command strips to attach that to the wall. Problem solved. A cheap option for this is to also use a plain wooden cutting board like the one I found in Amazon to mount the charging station and then attach that to the wall. I’ve used command strips to attach so many things throughout my home from artwork, mirrors, hooks, and more and I have never had any issue with anything falling off the walls.

I also highly recommend using Command Hooks to keep all the things easily organized throughout your home, especially if you have kids. My kids would constantly leave their backpacks, jackets, hats, you name it, all over the floor as I didn’t have a designated and easily accessible place to store them. My seven year old can barely reach his closet rail and hanging a sweater or jacket on a hanger after each use is not so easy as hanging something on a simple hook that is placed at the right high for him to do it quickly and easily.

Triple Decker Storage Hack

When you are tight on storage space, you obviously need to maximize every area and one way I found helpful to do this is to use double-decker and in some cases triple-decker storage. I used stacking organizers in kitchen drawers, pantry cupboards and other storage areas to double and even triple my available storage space. This is an absolute lifesaver. 

Well, if you’re like me and you have really narrow and deep cupboards, again, I purchase these from Kmart Australia. That was super inexpensive. They stack neatly on top of each other. They are lightweight, super durable. They come with removable dividers. So you can customize this space between each section and they make organizing awkward space cupboards an absolute breeze.

Tackle Box Hack 

 Tip ten is using tackle boxes to keep small items neatly organized. I have my letter board and lightbox letters sorted and stored neatly together in this tackle box so that any time I want to change my letter board, pull my life box super easy whenever I feel like it.

These are also perfect storage solutions for batteries, craft supplies, tech items, stationary. The list is honestly endless. These are super affordable. You can buy them anywhere and they are great for keeping small bits and pieces neatly organized.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading these 10 home organization tips. If you like them then please do share it on Facebook and Pinterest.

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