20 Interesting Ways To Fill Your Notebooks

20 Interesting Ways To Fill Your Notebooks

I’m going to show you some easy ways that you can fill up those empty notebooks that you have lying around. Because I feel like everyone has a whole bunch of empty notebooks that you bought because they were pretty and then you just didn’t use them. If I’m right, then keep on watching for some ideas for how to fill those up.

Goal Tracker

The first one is for keeping track of your goals. I like to make it like a little vision board for the page for each goal. This one, for example, is traveling, so I’ll put down a list of places that I want to go, things I want to see. It’s a fun way to visualize my goals for the year. I also like to write down my favorite song lyrics.

Garden Planner 

I find it useful to separate into spring, summer, autumn and winter planting and as well as writing little notes such as when you sewed certain seedlings or you know what you want from your garden and you can print out and paste in photos and little sketches of what you want in your garden. 

Booklet For Swatches of Fabric

The next is a booklet for all your swatches of fabric or craft paper. For me, I have heaps of fabric and it’s really good to have a little square to see like at a glance. All the different kinds of fabrics that I have so that I don’t buy more than I need. 

Progress Log

Another idea is to keep a progress log of a project that you’re working on. For example, if you’re renovating a house or redecorating or working on something really big, you can keep a progress log for inspiration pictures as well as to-do lists, checklists, shopping lists, all the lists. It can be really motivating to have one place for all the information that you need.

Seasonal Art Journal 

I love to do some little doodles and drawings of my favorite season, which is autumn and it’s just a fun way to keep yourself inspired and keep yourself drawing, because sometimes it’s hard to draw inspiration. These are some of my favorite autumn things.

Trip Planner

I always make a note of the trip I will be making in the future, for example, this one is a trip that I’m planning to go to Melbourne, which is the city, near Sydney. And so I’ve just planned out some of the places I want to go with photos. I’ve also torn up a map for the aesthetic. And it’s just a fun way to visualize where I want to go.

Calligraphy Notebook

You can get the calligraphy principles online for free and it’s a good way to practice your calligraphy. I’ve got some brush pens, which helps a lot as well. 

Brain Dump

Another idea is a little notebook called a brain dump. Anytime you think of something you’d miss, you can just write it down in the notebook until you have time to sort it out.I like to do this when I’m working on assignments and my brain is distracting me with all the different things that I wish I was doing. So I’ll write it down in the brain dump notebook and then I’ll get to it after I’ve done the assignment as a reward to myself.

I am Grateful For

The next idea is for when you’re feeling kind of down. Get yourself a candle and some tea and write down all the things that you’re grateful for. This doesn’t have to be a written list. You can also do little drawings. 

Language Journal 

I’m trying to learn Spanish pretty basic level at the moment, but having a little journal to write down my notes and my learning is really motivating for me.

Planning Photo Shoots

If you want to do a photoshoot or some filming for Instagram or YouTube or whatever you can make a list of the props, the camera, lenses, lighting, all these little details and then take it with you to the shoot. It’s a great way to sort of plan and organize your thoughts and keep yourself directed and on task when it comes to the day.

Exercise Log

Pretty self-explanatory. You just log in to the different exercises. You do how many reps and sets and all that. 

Food Log

The next idea kind of ties in with the previous and it’s a food log if you’re trying to eat healthier or gain or lose weight. It can be good to keep track of the food that you’re eating and just be aware of what you’re eating.

Quotes Journal

If you’re religious, it could be quotes from your religious text. I literally couldn’t think of anything on the spot as I was hoping for. But, you know, just when you come across really good quotes that you like. Well, I like this. You can write it in your quotes notebook. 

Craft Projects

The next idea is a list of craft projects that you want to try. I turned this into a visual sort of list. I printed out images from Pinterest that I wanted to try and make them a little bit more attainable. I put a list next to it of everything I need to buy for my craft project.

Shopping List 

Next is a shopping list for specialty stores that you might only visit once every couple of months and you don’t want to forget anything.

Saving Goal

Another great thing to put in a notebook is a savings goal. You can color in the little boxes as you advance with your savings and keep an idea of what you want to buy. You can draw or paste in a little picture of what it is as well to keep you on track.

List Of Gift Ideas

You can also make a list of gifts to get people. This is really good for when it comes around Christmas or birthdays and you need to get gifts for people. And if you’ve thought of something earlier in the year, you can write it down so that you don’t forget. I find this really helps around Christmas time. 

Monthly Review Notebook

The next idea is a monthly review sketching page. I will just do little notes and little drawings of all the great things that happened in that month. So, for example, this is a quick look at my April. So that means in a year you’ll just have 12 pages in a sketchbook that you’ve used. So really, you could have a sketchbook that spans several years that you’re able to just look at all the highlights of those months.

Visual Recipe Book

This can be a really great gift for people, especially newlyweds, where you can write in your favorite recipes and stuff. For example, this is a really simple pancake recipe, but I’ve added some little drawings to make it a little bit more appealing.

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