3 Best DIY Minimalist Ideas For Boho Room Decor

3 Best DIY Minimalist Ideas For Boho Room Decor

Here are some of the DIY minimalist ideas to make bohemian themed room decor. So for these projects, I took inspiration from things I found on Pinterest and Tumblr. The themes I’m going to be talking about in this article include mixing creams and fights with colors and creating a lot of visual and tactile texture, as well as kind of creating pieces that add to like the cozy kind of free spirits and vibe.

Adding Tassels To A Pillow

Choose four different colors of string that you would like to use. I’m using red, orange, yellow and blue. Next, cut a piece of cardboard that is twice the length that you want your tassel to be and begin wrapping around it. When it’s as thick as you like, sniff the end and cut two pieces of string. Then slide the yarn off the cardboard. Place it on top of one of the pieces of string in the middle and tie that into a secure double knot.

Once you’ve tied that, take a pair of scissors and cut the loops on both ends. Now fold the tussle in half of the middle. And placed on top of the second string, tie this one into a secure double, knot as well and then trim off any excess. To make two pillows, I need 24 tassels. Begin attaching them onto the edges of your pillow. Ideally, you want to use a large needle and so use the string on the ends of the tassel. But I didn’t have a needle large enough, so I just used some embroidery thread, which is a little bit small and used that to attach the tassels.¬†

Tassels Mounted On Driftwood 

I’m going to be making tassels again, but I want these to be larger. For this, I will be using cream and light brown yarn. So I’m using a DVD case to wrap around. In the same way as before. Just wrap it around until it’s about the thickness of your desire. Then slide it off the case. Place it on top of one of the strings and tie that into a knot. Then cut the loops, fold it in the middle and tie the second string around the top of the tassel. For this project, you’ll need nine tassels four in one color and five in another color and arrange them in alternating order. If you want, you can do them in a V shape, which is what I did.

Next, cut a stick or a piece of wooden dowel to the width of your tassels. Then more shots and pieces of string, double the length that you want them to be folded in half and loop it around the top of the stick. Make sure to do it in alternating colors, just like the tassels and attach a piece of string to the top so that you can hang it up. Next tie this tassel onto the ends of the string. And you don’t have to do it in a V-shape. You could make it totally random or flat across the bottom. Whatever you want.

Popsicles Stick To The Wall Hanging

For the last projects, you’ll need some popsicle sticks. These ones are jumbo size. Then take some brown paint. You can dilute it with water if you want it to be less intense and use that to apply a fake stain onto the Popsicle sticks. Allow those to dry and then arrange them into the shape that you want your shelf to be. I chose a mountain shape, but you could also choose a triangle, a crystal shape, or a hexagon or something like that.

Then just attach them together with some strong glue. I’m using some PVA wood glue, but you could also use hot glue or superglue. Place a ruler at the bottom to ensure that the base is completely flat. That way you consider it on a flat surface and it will be completely stable. Continue applying as many layers of popsicle sticks as you want. I just kept applying them until they ran out. Then you can hang it on your wall using a command hook or some nails, or you can sit it on top of your desk as a shelf.

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