7 Unique Amazon Products Under 10 Dollars

7 Unique Amazon Products Under 10 Dollars

In this article, I want to share with you some unique items that are under $10 from Amazon that I think you absolutely need in your life like they’re unique but I just had to come and share them with you. And also, don’t forget all the items that I mentioned will be linked in the post. 

Water Bottle With Counter

So this is a water bottle with a counter. So count the number of bottles of water you go through in a day. OK, so drinking no water is hard. I know everybody struggles with that and I am the type I like to keep track of how many cups or bottles of water I’ve gone through. And so I was looking for some type of device to help me keep track of it because, you know, I need to drink more hence looking for helpful and easier ways to do that. 

Because each time you fill it up, a handful of dots on here so that each time you fill it up, you can go to your next dot and vice versa. This will help keep a tab on your daily consumption of water.

We need this and it’s a fairly large bar the way easily washable and the top comes right out. There are no issues. If you are someone you want to stay hydrated and at the same time want to know how many bottles you drank per day you might want to grab this life like I got one. My husband. Yeah. Great. Great by unique but great bottles.

A second item is so. It’s not really unique, but so common. But I just had to share it with you guys. 

Phone Case

Look, I know you’ve probably heard about phone cases before, but when I tell you and no matter where I have gone, any store, everybody has stopped me to ask me, where did I get this phone case? Weird right? Even the people that are cashiers or people who hate the light, touch my phone scanner or something. They were like, oh, my God. Where’d you get this case from? Seriously, this case is a game-changer. This I mean, honestly, it’s so it made my phone feel brand new.

And I’m not saying that to hype it up. I’m saying that because I love this case. It’s not only cute it’s durable and it’s tough and it’s just I know something about it just makes you feel like it’s so cute and it’s so totally adorable.  

Magnetic Ring

You probably have seen the rings before on people’s phones, but this one is a magnetic ring that goes on the back of your phone, this comes in handy when you want to carry your phone out. Since it is magnetic, you can connect it to a magnetic phone holder. It’s like a three in one. So it serves as a device you can put your finger through to my holding on a little bit easier. You can also use it to watch videos on it and use it as a stand.

Magnetic Phone Holder 

This magnetic phone holder is a game-changer. You could put it in your car. It’s made for the car. The magnetic coating is so strong it can hold the phone, literally like it’s perfect. It is a perfect device to keep your phone safe when you are traveling in the car.


This is an RFID wallet. I  don’t know if you have heard the stories about people being able to walk with your cars as they have these electronic scanners or something, and they’re scanning like your credit cards and car keys. And, you know, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard some of the stories. Even some YouTubers have talked about, you know, the car being stolen from somebody walking by them and scanning their key car for the car so that they can get in the car, pick it up and leave with it. 

And it’s happening with the credit cards, too. Look, I’m just trying to be safer because the more advanced the technology gets the more we have to play it safe. So this is a wallet that blocks all of those waves. Nothing can get scanned. It keeps your credit card safe. It’s a blocking wallet. It looks like a common item, but it is actually unique. I highly recommend it. It also has a zipper so I can stick stuff inside of it and a little keychain on it.

It also comes in different color variations. This is something I really just highly recommend having. You just can’t have enough security nowadays. This is  2020 and you just have to watch yourself, unfortunately.

Silicone Top

You guys may have heard them, maybe not, but I purchased one pack, this one pack actually came with two bags of assorted silicone tops. These things are so diverse, like because they’re silicone, they are easily shapeable. You can put them almost on anything. You can use it to cover the food bowl. These things are perfect. You don’t have to worry about always having to put something to put on the top. You can literally use this to cover the top of the watermelon. This thing is so cool and it feels good. It helps to keep things sealed. These silicone tops cover almost anything. 

Chips Sealer

Never waste the food again. These clips provide a complete & perfect seal to keep food completely fresh. They also ensure to keep it water and airtight. This plastic bag sealer clip comes with an assortment like it comes with 4 different models and sizes as you can see.   

All right, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do leave your comments below with your thoughts on these 7 unique amazon products and also let us know your favorite item from this list.

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