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30+ Excellent Tips for a Stunning Bedroom Design

Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your bedroom according to your personality and taste.

Main theme ideas for bedrooms:

  1. Red color theme for vibrant and energetic feel.

    Luxurious bedroom in red 3D rendering
  1. Create a stable environment between energy and emotion by using green color theme.
  1. Blue is best for reserved people as it reflects loyalty and honesty.
  1. Paint your room in yellow hues for the feeling of happiness and fun
  1. For optimistic people who always look for brighter side.

  1. Pink is for unconditional love and intimacy.
  1. Black for elegance and luxury
  1. Brown is color for sensitive people
  1. White for simplicity and class
  1. Bedroom decorated with contemporary theme.
  1. Country theme bedroom design:
  1. Traditionally decorated room theme:
  1. Modern theme for bedroom:
  2. Ethnic style for bedroom:

For the thumb rule, use bright and shinning colors for small rooms and dark colors for bigger rooms. It is always best to use more than one hues as a bedroom color.

Decorating bedroom walls:

  1. Wallpapers are ideal if you are bored for orthodox paints:
  1. Stenciling wall is another great technique to make your bedroom walls beautiful.
  1. Wall murals to give depth and elegance touch

    beach sunset bedroom wallpaper

  1. Install beautiful shelves on wall and decorate them with stunning decoration pieces.

  1. Decorating wall with memorable pictures
  1. Select a wall clock which can serve as a decoration piece as well.

Bedroom accessories ideas:

  1. Rugs are one of the basic necessity for a room. However, one has to be very careful while choosing type and color of rugs. Both of them should complement the overall theme of a bedroom.

  1. For small bedroom use light and transparent curtains; for bigger room you can choose heavy draperies. Keep in mind the primary color of your room while selecting curtains.

    Best Bedroom Design Bright Purple Bedroom Curtain Ideas for Large Windows Finished in Grey Color in White Interior


  1. Dressing table is one of the most necessary furniture in a bedroom. Position it such that it can capture maximum sunlight. It also serve as a storing unit.

  1. Coffee table set add elegance to the room

  1. Place sofas according to the available space in the room.

  1. If you are working with traditional or country style theme then place a chaise lounge to give luxurious look to your room.
  1. Place multipurpose furniture for small bedrooms.

  1. Place a canopy over bed and match it with curtain colors.

  1. If you have a large room than dedicate a corner for drinks and coffee.
  1. Mirrors for reflecting sunlight and adding interior decor value of your room.

  1. Place antique decoration pieces on bedroom shelves or hang them on wall.

Bedroom lightning:

  1. Place beautiful light lamp in your bedroom. Choose size and style carefully according to your need.

  1. Use Ceiling lights for decoration of your bedroom.

  1. Decorating room with ambient lights



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