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Modern Home Decor Trends

Modern decor of your home is all about renewing your home interior along with the emerging fashion trend in the interior decoration industry. The up-to-date modern home not only reflects your taste and personality, but also give an insight about your aesthetic sense. Here are some fresh home decor ideas to convert your otherwise dull interior to a modern and vibrant one. These are by far the most popular decor trends of 2017 as well.

1 – Marble or Wooden tiling on the walls:

Idea of orthodox wallpaper is becoming out dated now. Nowadays, two new amazing ideas giving modern outlook to your home include marble wallpapers and wooden tiling on the wall.

  • Marble wallpapers for bedroom:
  • Marble wallpapers for living room:

  • Marble wallpaper designs for kitchen:

Are you bored of wooden flooring? Try these ideas and get fresh outlook of your home.

  •  Bedroom Walls:
  • Living Room Walls:
  • Kitchen

2 – Welcoming the outdoor in

In many areas this trend is getting popularity i.e. bringing the nature in the home. For this, you need to buy such furniture that can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Trending ideas related to this include installing a water fountain indoor, using ocean or nature wallpaper in the house, and installing small pot plants everywhere in the house. You don’t need to spend huge budget but even a small plant or a fountain can bring the air of freshness in your home.

3 – Heat generating flooring

Heated floor not only provide cozy environment in the winters using minimal energy but also give outclass and modern look to your home. This is one of the most favorite modern decor of 2017.


4 – Brass and copper accessories

Goods made from brass and copper impart beauty to your home. Place them anywhere in a home and they are bound to catch some eyes. Accessories can range from tables, lamp holders, decoration pieces, bed frames, mirror holder, and various other.

  • Brass items for home decoration:
  • Goods made from copper:

5 – Artistic touch: This can be done by using anything made by using art and creative ideas. It may include basketry to crochet, and from tassels to macrame or anything that comes under the heading of uniquely crafted furniture. Weaved goods are another great option for unique interior decor. You can use your old rugs and combine it with artisan table chair set.

6 – Ethnic Theme:

The use of old and tribal prints is gaining popularity once again. African inspired textures and accessories are now being used to impart modernism to a home. New and bold interpretations of this themes are now available across the market.

7  – Tropical theme:

Tropical wallpapers and fabric prints are one of the best option when it comes to renovating your home. This idea is budget friendly too as you may have to change the fabric of sofa and other goods around to impose this theme in your home.



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