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Complete Guide for Decorating Your Walls

Walls are an integral part of home interior decor. Wall decoration has a great impact on the overall feel of a home and there are many ways to decorate a wall, depending upon the size and the room it belong to. Some amazing ideas are presented in this article which would help you to decorate your home walls with the taste of your own personality.

Before we start, you might want to take a quick look at How to Decor Your Walls – This article was published by me last month in Medium and since then there has been interesting questions and requests. Here’s the response to covering more of wall decoration topic.

Decorating Bedroom walls:

Bedroom wall can be decorated in various way.

  • Wall stickers are best to break monotonous of a room.
  • Painting your wall in mosaic style looks stunning and elegant. It create a huge impact due to its big patterns and contrasting colors.

  • If you are bore of picture frame, then how about painting a picture itself on a wall? It can be memorable picture of your own or some beautiful scenery.

  • Stenciling is another amazing technique for decorating a wall in unique way.

  • Install beautiful shelves, mirrors, clocks, lightning, and other decorating stuff.

Decorating ideas for living rooms:

Here are some unique ideas for your living rooms:

  • One of the best way to design your living room wall is by using architectural elements. This can be anything ranging from wrought iron gates, old doors, porch pieces or corbels. The more chipper the paint and old the pieces are, the better. Both these factors i.e. ageing and wearing of a piece add interest. You can find such pieces in market easily. You can buy new pieces too which are manufactured in a way to look old.

  • Hanging wall sculptures on a wall give contemporary feel to a living room.
  • Wall murals have huge impact on a wall décor. They go with variety of themes including French country, shabby chic, ethnic, and contemporary styled theme.

  •  Wall fountain and indoor wall flowers add value and impart beauty to your living area.
  • Add writing and your favorite quotes on wall.

  • Dedicate a wall of your living room for some memorable pictures of your friends and family. You can use ambient lights to decorate this area.

Kitchen wall decorating ideas:

  • Remodeling a kitchen is not all about replacing old machinery and accessories with new. It can be done by simply changing the interior of kitchen wall which can give entirely different look to your kitchen. Simply change the color of your kitchen. Bright colors makes your kitchen roomier, beautiful, and airy.
  • Beautiful wall tiles are available to give modern look to your kitchen

  • Hanging towels, pots, and utensils.
  • Place a wall clock in a color that accent the color of wall or which can blend well with your kitchen’s theme.
  • Install art pieces on wall to add life to it. Folk art pieces are perfect for kitchen walls.

Choices are endless for decorating your house walls. Use your imaginations and creative skills to give a signature look to your house walls.



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