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How to Create Beautiful Ceilings 

Designing your ceilings in a unique way is as much important as the decoration of the rest of the house. Unique ceiling designs can really give your home a stunning look. Here are some great tips for designing your ceiling.

Colored ceiling:

Painting your ceiling in different hue than the room theme can make a dramatic effect on your overall interior décor of a room. Light colors will make the room lighter and open, and is ideal for small rooms. Dark colored ceiling naturally descent giving cozy environment to a room.

Printed Ceiling
They are another great option for simple ceiling design. Beautiful imprinted ceiling papers are available. You can also opt for handmade printing design for decorating your ceiling. Handmade prints are also available and are ideal for master bedrooms and living rooms.

Textured Ceiling
Most simple yet the most elegant way of designing your room ceiling. Adding texture to a room ceiling and an architectural touch to a room, sets the ceiling apart from rest of the room walls. It not only hides imperfection on the ceiling but also impart three dimensional look to the ceiling area.

Metallic Ceiling
If you want your ceilings to glow, then go for metallic ceilings. It comes in many shades ranging from royal blue to rosy color to an orthodox silver and golden color. Metallic ceilings are one of the most trending designs in the modern décor of home.

Crown Modeling Ceiling
Crown modeling comes in variety of styles and designs ranging from simple one to extremely ornate. They are easy to install, easy to manipulate, and easy to transport. They are light weight yet not fragile. If your room has large walls (greater than 8”) then modeling design should be little bigger. For shorter rooms, use small modeling designs.

Ceiling Medallions
Comes in elaborated carvings, and can be installed on high or low ceilings. They usually serve as stylish backdrops for lightning fixtures, fans, or chandeliers. They can be used as such or in combination with simple crown modelling across border.

Ceiling Tiles
Variety of ceiling tiles are available such as faux tin, acoustic, drop etc that can give a unique finishing to your home decor. These tiles are mostly made from fiber board.


Barrel ceiling
As the name indicates it look likes half barrel. If added to a room it stand alone as a focal point as they are the most unusual type of ceiling designs. They are ideal for colliders or rectangle shape rooms.

Ceiling Decoration with Light and Fans:

There are number of options available when it comes to lights for ceiling, including:

  • Chandeliers- are available in traditional to ultra-modern design.
  • Recessed lightning- comes with dimmer switch to manage the brightness; stylish and modern for making distant impression on guest.
  • Pendant lightning- available in extensive range of material, design, size, and color.

Ceiling fans are also available in a wide variety of designs and size. Make sure that design you are choosing is of high quality and is durable too.

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