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How to Decorate a Bed

People are working harder than ever to make two end meet. Therefore, a good night sleep is necessary to cope with the stress of daily life. After a hard work, one should be entitled to beautiful sleep on well decorated bed. Here are some tips to make your bed more comfortable and beautiful.

Basic Layout of a bed:

One of the basic thing to do while decorating a bed is to switch the color of your bed to give it a fresh and new look. Either coat it with a new paint or redo its finishing. If you have wooden frame you can opt antique whitewash for simplicity. Remember to blend in the rest of the furniture with similar theme.

If you like colorful bedding, then choosing a bright peri-wrinkle is the best option for you. You can match the color of wrinkles with wall paint and surrounding. Former bed imparts luxurious look while later gives more casual look. This bedding has an added advantage i.e. it will also cover the corner of box spring, which usually looks very ugly.

Decorating Headboard of a bed:

If your bed lack headboard then you can install a decorative screen behind your bed or hang a piece of art work according to the width of your bed. You can also setup beautiful wallpaper there to increase the aura of your bed. Another option is to decorate wall behind your bed with artificial flowers or ambient lights and hang photo frames in between them.

If your bed already has a headboard, then you can re-polish it or add a painted trim to it. If headboard is low then you can hang a painting above it. If it has broad surface then you can place beautiful decoration pieces on it.


All components of a bed serve as an independent function of a bed. A bed should have decorative pillow, a comfortable duvet, and smooth bed sheet. Cushions are usually use for back support but you can decorate them as well to create an elegant look for your bed. Use different sizes of pillows and cushions for variation and beauty. Use different but matching fabrics for them.


As far as bedding is concerned, a simple white bed sheet contrast with highly patterned coverlet gives an artistic touch to the bed.

Anchoring area rug around your bed will not only add to the decor of your bed but will also provide a soft and firm landing in the morning.

You can also add curtains or canopy around your bed to give it more sophisticated look. Ready-to-hand canopies are easily available in the market and using them will give dramatic finish to your bed decor.

To be able to understand the technical anatomy of bed is a blessing. Using this image, you will be able to remember the names and will be able to visualize your bed with different colors.

Just remember that whatever you do to decorate your bed should never compromise on the comfort of a bed. Play around with these idea and create your own paradise where you can relax and reload yourself for the next day.



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