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Indoor Plants for Home Interior Decoration

Interior decoration of a home is not all about wall paints, furniture, and exotic themes. Plants and flowers can bring life to your home like no other accessory. Plants, whether natural or artificial, small or big, tropical or temporal, can add charisma to a dull and boring layout of a house.

Natural Plants for Home Decor:

You can get natural plants from your garden or nearest nursery. Before buying any plant, conduct research to know about any associated allergy or other health problems. Decide the space that you want to dedicate for a plant and then choose the size accordingly.  Most suitable plants for indoor setup are:

  • Hyacinth
  • Ferns

  • Orchids

  • Begonias

  • Daffodils

  • Lilies

  • Anthurium

  • Pothos

These plants require little maintenance and sunlight and can survive well in enclosed environment.  Before buying, read the description that is mentioned on the label of each flower/plant.

When it comes to incorporating plants in interior décor of a house, it includes selecting suitable plant for a particular room and right pot/vessel to keep it. Plants like optical palm require large space; therefore, such plants are ideal for living rooms. If you are fond of cactus then you have to place it at higher place or out of reach of children.

Make sure that plant you are using is not poisonous. Keep your pets safe from plants. Place your plants in such a place that your pets won’t get to them. It is very important to train your dog to stay away from plants. Take care of plants by provide them with ample water, nutrition, and sunlight.

Artificial Plants for Home Decor:

If you have long working hours or have too busy professional and personal life, you will be too time-impoverished to spend time in nourishing and watering a plant or to clean up weeds. Artificial plants are the best option as they are convenient as well as beautiful. There are many benefits of artificial plants as they require no maintenance. Most of them are coated with UV coating to ensure long life and intact color. They are free from pollen and asthma allergy.

  • Brazilian cross flower tree

  • Mawai Palm tree
  • Phoenix plant


  • Topiary Tree


  • Affection grass

  • Giant Bracena tree


  • Lotus plant

  • Chrysanthemum Plant
  • Kiwi Yucca Plant


  • Aloe Plant


  • Hydrangea Plant


  • Crouch Grass

No special maintenance procedure is required for these plants. All they need is a duster and splashes of water to keep them dust free. These plants can be placed anywhere in a house depending upon on the size. Big plants are ideal for living rooms and kitchen. Whereas, small plants are best for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Whichever plant you use, just remember that it should match the overall theme of your house or room. You don’t want to ruin your expensive furniture and rugs to get destroyed by the mud of plant. Therefore, keep them such that they are safe and add beauty to your home.

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