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Choosing the Right Indoor Water Fountains

There is no denying to the fact that water is one of the biggest assets of this planet. Falling water improve visual appeal and soothe the nerves. If you enjoy the serenity offered by this view, then having indoor water fountains can bring magic to the interior decor of your home. These are not just any other household decor but can have prominent health benefits, some of them are listed below:

  • Running water purifies air.
  • Flowing water help in relieving stress and muscular tension.
  • Provide jolt of relaxation.
  • Induce sleep at night.
  • Provide focal point for family gathering.

Made your mind to install indoor fountains? Here are some types of fountains that can be installed in different rooms:

  • Floor fountains: These are most common type of indoor fountains that can instantly bring life to the otherwise dull or boring room,. As the name suggests, these are placed over floors.
  • Quadrangular indoor fountain: This type of fountain is ideal for living room. Combine the base of fountain with bunch of flowers to give more natural feel.
  • Wall-mounted Fountains: These type of fountains can generate water energy in a home. Wall-mounted fountains can be installed along the entire length of the room or at small portions of a room in a horizontal or a vertical axis.
  • Tabletop water fountains: These are small fountains, and as the name indicates can be placed anywhere in a home.

While choosing these fountains keep the theme of your home or room in your mind. Some common themes that blend well with fountains are western or European atmosphere, health spa environment, or the zen garden theme. Motifs of these themes will help you in deciding the raw material that is required for the construction of indoor fountain.

Construction of Basic Fountain:

Once you have decided the theme and type of fountain, you will need two earthenware flower pots that best matched your selected theme. For most of the cases you will need two sizes. One should be large enough to support water pump, decorative stones, flowers, and brick. The second one should be one scale down as compare to the based one. You can find all these accessories in a nearby nurseries.

Make sure that there are two openings in your base pot, one for water pump and the other one for the electric supply cord. Attach the plastic tubes with the water pump. Fill the area around these connections with putty to make sure that the pot is water tight. Add indoor flowers in the pot to hide these connections.  Place bricks in the center of this pot to make foundation for your top pot. Number of bricks depends on the height you want. Next place the plastic tubing through the opening of little ceramic pot and secure the surrounding gap with putty. Place stones of different size and colors around the tubing. Join these stones with waterproof liquid nails to fix them. Place stones and flowers in both pots to fill the place till water pump. Finally, fill the water pots with water and start the pump.

Indoor fountains are the best feature of your home if you know how to install them correctly. Otherwise, you can always get a professional’s help. It will surely add beauty to any room.


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