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How to Create a Maximum Storage Bedroom

Small houses have limited space to offer. This create storage problems. Therefore, it is very important to use the available space smartly in order to store maximum things. While deciding the interior decor theme of your house, use such items that can provide maximum storage options. Here are some ideas for maximizing storage options and to decor your home using these smart storage options.

Use multipurpose Bed-frames:

The choice of bed frame plays important role not only in providing relaxation but also in the space it occupies. One has to consider various factors while choosing a bed set for room which can help in achieving maximum efficiency as a sleeping unit. There are various types of beds available in the market that can increase your storage space. Some of them are explained below along with pictures.

  • Platform beds with the storage space not only offer firm sleep but also help make the best use of space underneath the bed. You can store various items underneath these beds.

  • Folding beds are another great space-saving alternative. Some beds even fold to a table which can be used for various purpose. Some can fold in wall.
  • Bunk beds are also ideal for small bedrooms as they can offer plenty of sleeping space as well as generous storage options.
  • Loft style beds are ideal for the kid’s room. Space below can be used for installing small cupboards or for placing study table.
  • Board headboard beds can serve dual purpose, they can store items as well as can serve as shelves.

Avoid huge sized furniture and fabrics:

You have to be very careful while choosing the rest of the furniture for a small space. Use furniture that can serve you in different ways. Use sofas with underneath storage options. Install shelves above bed or sofas to save space.


You can also replace conventional curtains with beautiful blinds. Nowadays, printed blinds are available that also serves as an art piece.

Replace Conventional Shelves:

If you need space for storing your books, hobby items, sports equipment, and other things then it is hard to fit all this in a conventional shelve. Solve this problem by using contemporary cubby holes shelves which are specifically built for maximizing storage options. You can store almost everything in this type of shelves.

Large containers or baskets made from cotton, wicker, or plastic can easily slide in the cubby holes of these shelves. These shelves can accommodate huge items. Few cubby holes can be left without any drawer or container so that you can place your books, magazines, or CD collection in those shelves.

Contemporary Cubby Hole Shelves

A small house might come with inherent space problems and challenges. However, intellectual use of your creative skills can help you in getting rid of this problem easily. A small living space does not necessarily means that a house will feel congested. Use these smart options in your home interior decoration to create a space of your own.

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