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How to Select The Right Bedroom Theme

Bedroom is one of the most important room in a home. It is where one spends most of his/her time. Choosing the correct environment of your bedroom can mean the difference between uncomfortable sleep and being in relaxed, tranquil state of mind. So, here are some exciting themes for couples, teenagers and kids.

Theme ideas for couples:

  • English theme is ideal for those who like the atmosphere for living in the country. For this theme you will need timber furniture as it gives more country look. Choose classic designs for furniture with most natural colors like green or white. Decorate windows with draperies. If you have collected classic country decoration pieces then install separate shelve for them.


  • Second option is contemporary theme. You will have to use more graphic motifs in this theme for wall, furniture, and other items to give them contemporary touch.

  • For minimal theme, use soft colors on wall without any additional design. This theme require less motifs, and basic furniture with softer and plain texture.

Theme Ideas for boys:

  • Boys love sport be it cricket, football, basketball or any other game. So one of the simplest themes for boys is the sporty look to their room.


  • Another very famous theme for boys is cow boy theme-a dream for every teenager boy to ride and look like cowboy. For this, buy furniture and bed of brown color. Use curtains of solid material. Quilt can be made from old jeans. Use red color rug to match this theme. Give a tint of red color on walls to create right feeling of this theme
  • To live near ocean is the fantasy of many boys. They are mostly attracted to the carefree lifestyle of a sailor. For this theme collect corals, seahorses, shells, and starfish. Paint wall in brown sandy texture. Buy a net and paste above collectibles on it with glue gun and paste on the sandy wall. Alternatively, an ocean can be installed beneath the floor.

Theme Ideas for girls:

  • Princess theme is one of the most famous theme among girls. For this theme, you can paint wall in the colors which is commonly used in the frocks of princess. Add castle murals to the walls along with stenciled butterflies and flowers. Make a bed canopy and match other bedding accessories with the theme. Buy sheer fabric for curtains.


  • Girls love flowers; floral theme is also a great option for girls. Use red, pink, yellow, and green for this theme. Fabric of curtains and other accessories should have beautiful flowers imprinted on them. You can also use flower wallpaper to enhance the overall impact of this theme.

Theme Ideas for kids and babies:

Polka dot theme is best for small kids and babies. For example, paint a wall in white color, and use purple color dots in it. Then match all the accessories of a room with the purple-white combo. Alternatively, you can use different color dots like pink, green, light blue etc.


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