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How to Choose Curtain Design for Different Rooms

Interior decoration of a room consists of various things. Each and every component matters. Window curtains is one of the most important accessory of room that have major impact on the overall look of a room. Curtains mainly serve two purpose in a room. The obvious one is to block or control the direct sunlight entering in the room. Second main purpose is the privacy. However, apart from this main function there is another important use of them which is mostly ignored by us. And that is use of curtain as a decoration item in a room. In this article, some creative and unique ideas are given for window curtain designs for bedrooms too.

Choose curtains according to the room:

Curtains have to be room specific. Therefore, curtains used in living room would be different from the curtains used in other rooms. Choose curtains according to the atmosphere of the room. For example, curtains of living room should have a dramatic look, while that of bedroom should have cozier outlook. Most important thing is that the color of curtains should match with the furniture and other accessories around.

Curtains for living rooms should be sophisticated

Curtains for the bedroom should have the capacity to filter light. A transparent curtain can be used to disperse colored light into the bedroom for creating lovely and romantic environment in the room. The bed should be placed in a bedroom in such a way that windows doesn’t interfere with the privacy. Although, for any reason if you’re concerned about privacy then you can use heavier materials, discussed at the end of article.

Curtains for children’s room should be vibrant and colorful


Themed curtains for the elegant outlook:

You can use your curtain as a big wall painting or wallpaper printed with specific theme. For example, in a room abutting ocean; a full length curtain displaying sea shore can be used to incorporate the beauty of ocean or a beach in your bedroom.

Similarly, for the kid’s room you can buy curtains having their favorite characters on them. If your kid loves sport then buy curtains with their favorite sport on it.

Material and designing of the curtains:

In any room, the material of the curtain should be in line with the material of the upholstery. Sheer material is a good option as they impart airy look to the room. However, they compromise on privacy and sunlight. So, combine them with drapes.

Different designs of curtains are now easily available in the market. You can surf online or buy magazines to have more ideas about them. Curtain rods can also be used as a decorative agent. However, if you want to focus on curtain put simple rods as they may take attention away from the curtains. Alternatively, if you are going with simpler designs, then you can choose decorative rods to balance out the overall look of a room.

Some simple rod designs


Decorative curtain rod designs

If your curtains don’t have holes on the top most part, then use curtain rings. However, remember to match them with the color of rod.

There is no need of hiring an interior decorator for decorating your window curtains. Just put your ideas together and go for the things that can make you happy.

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