Simple Handmade DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Simple Handmade DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

In this article, I am going to show you some DIY gifts that you can make for your partner, boyfriend, significant other girlfriends, whatever. Let’s get started.

The First Gift

I’m using this Web site called Skycap to generate a map of the sky of a particular night. I choose the night during which I met my significant other. You can also do the same or you can pick any night. Print it out and then cut out the circle of the map of the sky. Next, apply a small amount of glue to stick it onto a canvas. I got this canvas from the dollar store. Then at the top, I’m just writing the night we met. 

You could also write other details like the time, the date and the longitude and latitude, and then you can decorate it however you like. I just added the north, east, south, and west lines back into the drawing and this is the completed piece of Wolong.

Map Printable

You can take a map of the country you live in or the state or the entire world. I’m just choosing a map of Australia. I printed it out and I laminated it. If you don’t have a laminator, you can also use contact adhesive like that clear stuff he used to cover your books. Next, I’m mixing equal parts of dishwashing liquid and acrylic paint together.

You can choose any color you like. You can choose different colors for different states or territories as well if you want to. Paint in all the states or areas and make sure that you leave a little line in between each state so that you know where the borders are and you’ll probably need three or four coats. So allow it to dry in between and it might take a day or two to get all the coats onto the map. Once it’s dry, you can scratch off with the coin every time you travel to a new location with your partner.

Personalized Spa Kit

Here I’m going to show you how to make a personalized spa kit. Begin by choosing a color scheme. I like blues and purples. This makes it look really put together and intentionally chosen. Begin by choosing a candle in the color scheme with a nice set. Then figure out the skin type of the person that you’re giving this to. Get a face mask and a body lotion. I really like this gift, especially for men, because in the Western world, anyway, men are socialized not to really care about their skincare, so they often don’t know where to start. So I feel like this is a thoughtful way to encourage people to look after their skin and enjoy the process.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. Thanks.

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